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Events 2015


Final plans are taking shape for Snàth Handspun’s participation in a Gàidhlig wool-feis, Feis Cothlam in Argyll on Thursday 17th, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th July 2014.  It’s which has been held in the last couple of years at Benderloch and Kintaline, north of Connel and Oban.

This is the first time I will have been, and I’m so much looking forward to it!

On Thursday I’ll give a spinning wheel ‘clinic’ to help people adjust and get their their spinning wheels running well.  We can check whether there are simple adjustments which will help, repairs needed or whether there are missing parts.   Information on finding a wheel repairer can be provided.  Sometimes it’s only a small and simple thing that can keep a spinning wheel from being useful and running well, and it will be interesting to see lots of wheels and hopefully spinners and their wheels will leave with both feeling happier.

On Friday I’ll be teaching two spindle spinning workshops, morning and afternoon, to help new spinners learn to use a  basic spindle to spin yarn, and demo-ing with my Turkish and supported spindles too.  There is so much fun to be had, and yarns to be made 😉

Then, on the Saturday, the ‘stalls’ day,  I’ll be selling my handspun yarns and a few of my knits made with my handspun.  There will also be  some small pieces of equipment for spinning and weaving, as well as two nice working spinning wheels for sale.  Watch this space…

May 2015

The Woolfèis weekend went really well last year, and during the winter and spring I had been getting ready to take part again this year.  Unfortunately I have had no word of the event, no application for participants and the event hasn’t been advertised although dates were given.  As the event depends heavily on volunteers, perhaps not enough people could be found to give a hand?  This would be a real disappointment.

However, there are several local craft initiatives in the island which might be fun to take part in, so Snàth will be looking into these in the very near future





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