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2018, plans and hopes

So here we are on the second day of January 2018, and it’s time to begin a new page for the year.  With the Christmas and New Year holidays over, Snàth handspun is back at work preparing fibres and spinning yarns.  It’s the time of year for building up yarn stocks, ready to bring new handspun skeins to this year’s upcoming craft markets.

While producing the many beautifully coloured yarns for you, using natural or dyed wools and sometimes blended with silk or alpaca, Snàth yarns will be spinning local and Scottish fleeces sourced from locally kept breeds of sheep.  Given that there are excellent quality wools available on our doorstep, sometimes literally, it makes little sense to import, pay for shipping from halfway around the world then spin what is not always best quality wools just because it has a heavily promoted reputation of being ‘soft’.  Soft feel is relative and is a personal choice, but we also want our handmade pieces to wear well so that finished garments and accessories stay looking good.

Fleeces for Snàth yarns are chosen carefully and prepared patiently by hand, then yarns are spun smoothly by hand-controlling the twist which holds the fibres together.  This makes exceptional yarns that will feel good to wear, and handknits that will last when worn.  Many Scottish-produced wools are lovely to spin and ultimately, the yarns are soft to knit and to wear.  This is much commented on by customers when choosing Snàth skeins, how very soft and springy the finished yarns are.

Snàth is very much looking forward to handspinning lovely new yarns for you to enjoy in 2018.




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